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 Angie Yoga

Angie has been involved with Yoga since she was 16 and has experienced many styles including Hatha, Iyenger, Vinyasa and Ashtanga

8 years ago Angie was introduced to Dru Yoga and was so inspired, that decided to train as a Dru yoga teacher and has been teaching for 6 years
Angie teaches Dru Yoga in Yorkshire, using gentle music throughout the classes to create a gentle, meditative atmosphere.

Classes include breath-work, spinal alignment techniques and gentle flowing movements to bring a sense of space and freedom to the body as a whole.

Classes are available to people of all ages and abilities. Dru yoga is gentle, sensitive and at the same time, allows the student to progress at his/her own pace. This helps to develop their own personal style, movement and rhythm.

Each week continuing to expand, develop and understand the benefits of Dru Yoga. It is an ongoing learning experience, which can be very rewarding, fulfilling and, most important of all, it is great fun to do.

Angie is a Dru yoga teacher and Tutor with Dru Worldwide, teaching students on the 2 year teaching course to become Dru yoga teachers 

Angie has several classes in Grassington, Threshfield, and Ilkley.

Angie is a member of the professional register of Dru Yoga teachers, which is registered with the Independent Yoga Network and Yoga Alliance

One -2- one sessions available.

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Angie Wellness Coach

 Angie is an Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach and has worked promoting energy balance for over 8 years

My passion is to help people live well by embracing the connection between lifestyle and positivity.

I will guide you through the process of coming to terms with reasons why you've had difficulty embracing health and wellness; help you overcome the obstacles to health and wellness; and productively encourage you to form new behaviours and habits that move you to improved health and wellness. 

I can help if you are sorting out who you want to be in the world, discover how you can bring meaning into your life and make the most of your gifts and talents. 

I draw on many disciplines as I coach including positive psychology and modalities

I help people change what they want to change, discover new pathways in their personal and work lives and set and achieve goals that once seemed out of reach. 

As your coach you'll find me to be non-judgmental, open-minded, and committed to your success

Angie is CMA registered with Energy 4 Life and Inner Vision –centre for spiritual and personal development

Angie is offering introductory rate £100.00 for 3 x 1 hour sessions
Standard fee £45.00 for an hour session

To book an appointment contact Angie 07970981758 or at
Craven Clinic Ltd Mount Pleasant
 High Street
 North Yorkshire
 BD23 1JZ
01756 796690 www.cravenclinic.co.uk
Yoga, Health & Wellness Days

Angie runs Yoga, Health & Wellness Days which include Yoga. stress relief techniques, health awareness together with a specialist guest covering a variety of health topics

Yoga, Health & Wellness Days, These days are open to all, focusing on Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation, with Topics related to Health and Wellbeing, Yoga, Health & Wellness Days will include yoga ,topics to help you re-balance your energy, healthy foods/nutrition and of course a lovely shared lunch where we can all chat and share our ideas and inspiration. These are lovely days for you to take time for yourself, for your own growth and well being, also a great way of making new friends and being around like minded people. A great way to Feel Relaxed and Recharged

1 - Saturday 30th January 2016
2- Saturday 20th February 2016
3 - Saturday 4th June 2016
4 - Saturday 6th August 2016
5- Saturday 22nd October 2016

All Days 10.00am - 2.00pm

£25.00 per day 
Bring a vegetarian lunch to share

Contact me to reserve your place
Tel 0797 098 1758 

Venue - Cracoe Village Hall, Cracoe, Skipton. North Yorkshire BD23 6LQ

I am looking forward to seeing you and sharing these lovely days with you    

Angie Workshops

Angie runs regular workshops including Yoga, Yoga sequencing and Yoga Dance

For more information check in my events section  
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